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The 175.4 competition series amplifier is a 175 watts per channel @ 4 ohms or 250 watts per channel @ 2 ohms. It is not 1 ohm stable. We know alot of our customers love their low end ground pounders but want their mids and highs to keep up. That's why we offer such a large 4 channel amp.

We believe that "Overkill is Under-Rated". For power inputs it will accept 4 awg for power and 4 awg for ground.

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Output Power (RMS)4 ohm14.4V175Wx4
2 ohm14.4V250Wx4
1 ohm14.4Vn/a
1 ohm16Vn/a
1 ohm18Vn/a
Input Sensitivity 6V~0.2V  
Low high FilterSwitchable
( @ 24 dB Slope)VariableHz10~300
Bandpass FilterSwitchable
( @ 24 dB Slope)VariableHz30~300
Frequency Response Hz20-20Khs
Signal to Noise Ratio dB105
Damping factor 200<
THD @ 4ohmsLess than 0.1%
Fuse Rating140 Amps
Clip Yes
Speaker & Power terminalMold Type Yes
Heatsink Lengthinch/mm 20.59"/650mm
Heatsink Widthinch/mm 9.38"/66mm
Heatsink Heightinch/mm 2.35"/59.6mm

Key Features

• Variable high pass filter

• Variable Band pass filter

• 4awg inputs

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