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The Pitbull 20k competition series amplifier is a 20,000 watt mono block. It is built for 12 volt audio systems. It will not operate on 16 or 18 volt systems. It’s built with the best of the Best parts from the Mosfets to the Large Tiffany Jacks.

It comes with a bass knob and a clipping indicator. For power inputs it will accept triple 0 awg for power and triple 0 awg for ground.

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Output Power (RMS)4 ohm14.4V3,000Wx1
4 ohm14.4V7500x1
2 ohm14.4V13,000x1
1 ohm14.420,000x1
Input Sensitivity 6V~0.2V
Low Pass FilterSwitchable
( @ 24 dB Slope)VariableHz35~250
Subsonic FilterSwitchable
( @ 24 dB Slope)VariableHz10~50
Bass BoostVariabledB0-9dB
Frequency Response Hz15-270
Signal to Noise Ratio dB85
Damping factor 300<
Efficiency @ 4ohm %Over 90%
THD @ 4ohmsLess than 0.1%
Fuse Rating2,000 Amps
Clip Yes
Speaker & Power terminalMold Type Yes
PowerGauge0Ga x 3
Heatsink Length37.75" (940mm)
Heatsink Length11.5" (292mm)
Heatsink Length2.6" (66mm)

Key Features

• 1 ohm stable

• Variable low pass filter

• Variable subsonic filter

• Variable bass boost

• Wired remote control

• Triple 0 awg power and ground inputs

We recommend for installation

• 1 upgraded battery under the hood

• 3 extra 800ci battery in the rear

• Minimum of two 0 awg ran from the front battery to the rear battery

• All 0 awg power and ground inputs on amp must have 0 awg ran to them for a total of 6 runs into the amp

• 2 Upgraded aftermarket alternators

• Dash mounted voltage meter

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