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The Level 4 m3 was designed to take even more power and get even louder than the m2. With fantastic power handling and smashing lows its hard to beat.

The Level 4 sub is a large triple stacked motor with a chrome top plate and T yoke yielding 23.5mm of X-Max.

Furthermore, you get the upgraded triple progressive spiders, cone, surround, 3" coil, cast basket, push terminals and upgraded lead wire sewn to the spider. This sub is rated at 1500w RMS and 3000w peak.

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Sub Size10"12"15"18"
Mounting Depth6.25"6.75"8"9.5"
Mounting Hole Diameter9.25"11"14"16.75"
Outside Driver Diameter11.0"12.5"15.7"18.5"
Motor Width7.75"7.75"7.75"7.75"
VC Diameter3"3"3"3"
Displacement.16³ ft.18³ ft.21³ ft.26³ ft
Magnet Weight29lbs29lbs29lbs29lbs
Power Handling RMS/Peak1500 / 30001500 / 30001500 / 30001500 / 3000
Impedance (Ohm)D1 or D2D1 or D2D1 or D2D1 or D2
Vas12.42 liters27.38 liters80.16 liters175.29 liters
Cms.085 mm/N.085 mm/N.085 mm/N.085 mm/N
Mms184.5 g207.53 g318.5 g427.53 g
Fs40.2 Hz37.9 Hz30.6 Hz26.4 Hz
BL19.18 NA19.18 NA19.18 NA19.18 NA
Re3.82 Ohm3.82 Ohm3.82 Ohm3.82 Ohm
Le3.78 mH3.78 mH3.78 mH3.78 mH
Xmax23.5 mm23.5 mm23.5 mm23.5 mm
Ref SPL @ 1 watt84 dB86.4 dB87.4 dB88.2 dB
Suggested Sealed.75³ ft1³ ft2.75³ ft4³ ft
Suggested Ported1.0³ ft1.5³ ft3.0³ ft5.5³ ft

Key Features

• Extremely rigid non-pressed paper cone assembly

• Multilayered polymer foam surround

• Polypropylene dust cover with DC logo

• Triple 8” OD semi cup progressive roll spider

• Extra heavy duty interweaved tinsel lead wire sewn to spider

• Cast aluminum black frame

• FEA analyzed and optimized motor assembly – Fully CNC machined

• Rubber mounting gasket

• Chrome spring loaded push terminals

• 3” Hi-temp Aluminum voice coil wound on black anodized voice coil former

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